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With Unicorn Inc IPTV you can enjoy your favorite TV programs, Movies and Series anywhere in the world, buying IPTV is easy! Watch TV everywhere Via the Internet.

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More than 10,000+ channels and 35,000+ VOD present from 50 different countries. These all consist of Sports / Movie/ Music and Premium channels.

High quality and speed , Anti freeze tech ensures that the program uptime is always 99%. You can watch our iptv everywhere, all you need is a good internet connection.

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You have come to the right place at iptv cheap to watch iptv cheaply, quickly, reliably and cheaply. All you need is an internet connection, say goodbye to satellite dishes and expensive subscriptions.

Unicorn Inc IPTV has been active for a long time and we use a very stable system. Our service is available for all devices and smart TVs, now also in 4k and 8k.

At our iptv you will find a very wide range in different channels from different countries. We also have an extensive VOD section with films & series that are updated daily.

With our iptv you can enjoy your favorite TV programs, Movies and Series anywhere in the world, buying IPTV is easy!

Also this year you can enjoy all racing events, golf, baseball and football matches. We offer all the channels in our Premium IPTV package. Sport from 2022? Do not panic! We will keep the new channels in our package!

Watch more than 15,000+ channels

We are aimed at the USA, Canada and UK viewers. All premium channels such as Cinema Films,  sports are available for our subscribers.

The following countries are present in our package:

Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Malta, Portugal, UK, USA,Canada, Australia, Arabic, India, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Kurdistan, Africa, Afghanistan, Italy, Armenia, Morocco, Turkey, Slovenia, Albania, Greece, Algeria, Brazil, Caribbean, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Czech, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Georgia/Kazakh, Ukraine,Lithuania, Suriname,Estonia, China/HK, Malaysia,Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam,


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Our IPTV subscriptions and our Pay Per View package are easy to order and always at the lowest price! Simply request our IPTV Cheap subscription via our 24/7 service!  With all arrangements, you will immediately end up with one of our advisors. You can still ask questions here and they can further process your order via Whatsapp. We will respond to requests and questions via whatsapp within 24 hours.

Do you have a question about our packages and subscriptions? Then you will find the contact details of our customer service at the bottom.

Our IPTV is cheap, quick to order and easy to operate. After you have ordered, you can almost immediately enjoy all streaming services and channels with your favorite sports matches, series and movies!
to install

Do you need help installing our IPTV on your SmartTV or with the IPTV box? Then you can indicate this in the order via whatsapp or tick with “Yes” in the order form. Then one of our advisors can guide you step-by-step through the installation of your package. This way you can enjoy all TV channels and streaming services that Unicorn Inc IPTV can offer you as quickly as possible.

With Unicorn Inc IPTV you are not tied to a monthly or annual collection of your subscription. No automatic renewal with us. It is up to you to renew your subscription every time. We do this to avoid ambiguities and misunderstandings with automatic renewal. In this way you, as a customer, remain in control.

At Unicorn Inc IPTV we also have a great deal for customers who take out multiple subscriptions. For example, you get a discount if you purchase IPTV for multiple TVs or take out multiple subscriptions.


IPTV in 4K and FHD

There are several IPTV providers that suggest providing 4K images. 4K is also called Ultra HD and ensures that you can watch television in the highest resolutions. Some IPTV providers therefore boast that they have the most channels in the highest quality. Unfortunately this is never the case. 4K resolution for live television does not exist (yet). The highest resolution that can be used with IPTV is 1080p.
Another caveat with 4K image resolution is that it turns out to be very difficult to tell the difference with Full HD (1080p) or HD-ready (720p). How well you can see the quality often depends on the distance at which you watch television. For example, it is (almost) impossible to see from four meters whether it is 4K, Full HD or HD-ready. In addition to the distance, the size of the television itself also plays an important role.


How does IPTV work?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. As the name suggests, you can watch television over the internet via IPTV.
These channels are on a server and can be shared with end users through software.

So in addition to an IPTV subscription, you also need IPTV software.
This software is therefore a bridge between you and the subscription, which is why it is sometimes called middleware.

You can download this software on multiple types of devices such as your PC, mobile and smart TV.
However, the devices are not always built specifically for IPTV, which means that the functions do not fully come into their own.
This makes the IPTV boxes a must-have if you want to watch full-fledged TV.

For example, with an IPTV box you can use interactive TV, EPG, playback and recording and more.
Think, for example, of a NAS and extra additions such as IMDb data with vod and series.
This allows you to watch TV as it should.

You will not find these kinds of functionalities via the Smart TV app, PC or mobile.

Advantages of IPTV:

You have a wider range, so you can receive foreign channels that you cannot obtain otherwise.
Installation is easy via the internet without complicated cabling

Disadvantages IPTV

You depend on the internet and on a server that works on the internet.

What is IPTV

As mentioned before, IPTV works over the internet, where Dreamboxes work over the Coax cables.
You need a smart card that can decrypt these channels.

With IPTV you therefore have to deal with an internet connection that must be stable.
Via Dreambox you are dealing with a coax network that must be available.

More and more, IPTV is therefore becoming more accessible and is taking over.

Advantage of Dreambox over IPTV

Clearer picture, stable via cable

Advantages IPTV compared to Dreambox

Much wider range
No complicated cabling required
Internet is becoming more efficient and accessible, so that image quality is almost equal.
Not dependent on Coax infrastructure


Difference between IPTV box and Android box

Android boxes made their entrance around 2014 with the rise of KODI.
You can access Android on an android box through your TV. This effectively gives you a powerful Smart TV.
After all, an advantage of a box compared to Smart TV is that your processor and working memory are good.

You can also download an IPTV app on an Android box. you also have IPTV on your Android box.
However, an Android box is not special for IPTV.
This means that you cannot use all functions fully.

Via an IPTV box you have a special app, around which the rest of the software is built.
You can use all the functions that the server offers.
The IPTV box then uses the processor and memory optimally for IPTV.

A cross between the 2 is an Android IPTV box.
The IPTV box is designed on this device and the Android system is built around it.
This allows you to use applications in addition to IPTV and get even more functions from your device.

The Formular brand is a pioneer in Android IPTV boxes.