With TV Kings IPTV you can watch TV over the internet wherever & whenever you want! More than 17000 channels, movies & series in high quality! All USA cable TV, PPV, and sports channels.

With TV Kings IPTV packages you can watch unlimited TV wherever and whenever you want. We have more than 17000 channels, movies and series in different languages.

All you need is a Smart TV or a media box and internet. You can then order a prepaid package from us from 1 to 12 months. You can watch television within 5 minutes of ordering!

Our customer service is available 24/7 to help with the right TV package and to help you if necessary. help to set it up. If you have a question, you can of course always ask it

Why choose TV Kings IPTV?

Buying IPTV is a good choice and very easy. Buying and activating can all be done remotely in just a few minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Romania or India.

We have almost all USA, Canadian, UK, Asian, African, Arabic, and European channels, films and series. You can watch these channels indefinitely (depending on the package) after the selected TV package has been activated. When you choose to buy IPTV, it is important that you have at least an internet connection of 15 Mbps.

If your internet is fast enough, you can order a TV package from us. These packages can be activated on a Smart TV or on an IPTV set-top box.

Why buy IPTV from TV Kings IPTV?

We are proud to offer you a stable IPTV system. We have been active in sales for over 3 years and we use a very stable system. With us you will find a wide range in different channels from different countries. We also have an extensive VOD system with films & series that are updated every week. It is also possible to rewind channels. Do you want to record channels? That is also possible with a good receiver! for more information please contact us via the contact form.

Are you curious about what we have to offer? Request a free demo!

The benefits of TV Kings IPTV

Guarantee, We give you a guarantee for the duration of your TV package. So up to 1 year warranty!

Free testing, Before you buy a prepaid subscription, you can test it 24 hours and rate our service.

Activates in 2 min. Activation only takes 2 minutes. After the package is activated you can watch TV immediately. IPTV for a media box (set-top box) or smart TV. Activating is easy and done within 2 minutes! Send your order and MAC address via the contact form.

Difference between watching TV over the internet and IPTV

If someone is watching TV via the internet, in many cases this is done via a computer, laptop or telephone. With IPTV, on the other hand, you are watching TV via the internet, just on your TV. A real combination of internet and television!

This is a new form of watching TV, this way is also controlled via a cable, this cable is connected to a box, this box then converts the internet signal into a TV signal.

Another big difference is that IPTV tries to achieve an image quality of 4K television, this is a very high image quality and many times better than the image quality that you will normally encounter via the internet.
Benefits IPTV

Of course it is a big advantage that the image quality of your favorite programs via IPTV is very high, so you can enjoy that last episode even more. However, this form of watching TV offers a number of other advantages, we have listed these advantages for you:

TV Kings IPTV offers Significantly wide range of channels.

You can pause, fast forward and rewind the program at any time.
You can use TV on demand.
IPTV 4K, an image quality of 4K is pursued.
You can also go to programs such as Facebook and Youtube, it is also possible to play and download various games.
The quality of the signal is always high because it is controlled via an underground cable.
You can use the IPTV App, so you can watch your favorite programs on any device, wherever and whenever you want.

IPTV subscription in the USA and Canada

Most people often think that IPTV can only be watched on the Internet, because the signal comes from an Internet Protocol. However, this is not entirely true, this way of watching TV is controlled via a closed network, this closed network has nothing to do with the internet network.

This closed network is only used for all IPTV traffic, they do this to keep the bandwidth as high as possible so that normal internet traffic will not slow down. As you have read, you first need access to the closed network of IPTV before you can receive the signals and thus start watching TV.

You will therefore have to look for an IPTV provider, in this way you can eventually receive the signals on your SMART TV. The providers generally use ADSL and fiber optic cables.

Of course you also need a decoder that eventually converts the signals into visual material, this decoder is almost always supplied by the provider with which you have an IPTV subscription. It is also wise to look for a suitable VPN provider, an example of this is Surfshark, a VPN that is ideally suited for IPTV.


Number of channels

The number of channels that you can watch with IPTV is in principle unlimited, however, you can only watch the channels that are offered in the package of the provider you have chosen. The channels that you can watch all depend on the offer of the provider.

You will probably choose the provider that you think has the most attractive channels in the package. If you do not have a SMART TV, in most cases you can also have a media box supplied by the provider. This media box ensures that you can watch all the channels and use on-demand services such as Netflix and Disney+.

TV Kings IPTV Apps for your device

TV Kings IPTV also offers a service where you can use an App, Kodi IPTV is an example of such an App. This App is widely used by people who own a SMART TV and do not want to use a decoder.

This App is not installed on your phone but on your television, so you can view all the different channels via this App without the need for a decoder to be present. IPTV Kodi, on the other hand, is an App that can be installed on devices with Windows software, so you can, for example, watch your favorite program on your laptop.

However, you should keep in mind that just installing the App is not enough, you also need to have a subscription to use this service. You can use the IPTV App for free the first week, after this week you will have to pay a subscription fee of approximately €10 per month, this will differ per provider.

Watch TV in HD, FHD , UHD and 4K picture quality

Many providers of IPTV strive for an image quality of 4K, this is a nice goal, but these speeds are often not achieved. They also call this high image quality Ultra HD, which ensures that you can watch your favorite program in the highest resolution.

Some providers say that they provide the largest variety of channels in the highest resolution, in reality this is often less true. For example, live television cannot yet be delivered in 4K resolution, often the highest resolution used is 1080p, this applies to both live television and all other programs that are broadcast.