Superpro IPTV

Ideal for watching popular UK and US movies and TV channels on mobile or computer devices. Superpro IPTV service contains popular sports channels and PPV content not found on other providers. Content is grouped into a variety of categories, including entertainment, international, sports, and others.

Superpro IPTV Features:

  • 18000+ Live TV.
  • Latest movie releases.
  • Premium sports channel.
  • Reseller option

Superpro IPTV provides an extensive collection of TV and movie content. The price may be higher compared to most IPTV service providers. But the high cost is worth it due to the quality of the content. Price: $5.8 to $20 per month

How many channels Superpro IPTV offers:

Superpro IPTV is a fantastic IPTV provider that offers 21,000+ 60,000 active channels and 21,000+ VOD with high-speed servers along with an anti-freeze technology that gives users uninterrupted streaming experience. A lot of people love Superpro IPTV because of its vast video on demand library which is updated every week.

Superpro IPTV provider provides users with numerous benefits such as free PPV content on every subscription plan, excellent customer support, 21,000+ local and international channels, anti-freeze technology for uninterrupted streaming.

Customers can pay for subscriptions through Paypal, credit card, Payoneer and Transferwise. This IPTV is compatible with virtually all Amazon firesticks and is compatible with IPTV Smarters, Kodi, TiviMate and many other applications.


Why choose IPTv over Cable TV:

Buying IPtv means watching TV wherever you want, in the best quality and the largest selection of channels. By everywhere we really mean all over the world. You only need a good internet connection. Examples of devices on which IPtv can be played are:

  • Formular Z10 Pro Max media box (see below)
  • Android (phone or tablet)
  • iOS (iPad & iPhone)
  • Enigma
  • Multiple selected IP boxes
  • PC or Laptop
  • Samsung or similar smart TV
  • Media boxes

Superpro IPTV

Superpro IPTV has a very good platform with a fast customer service (response). They can also help you if you are new and just want to get started with IPTV. There is an extensive manual online.
Many channels, video on demand & Replay

Watch many TV channels from all over the world, use video on demand and watch TV programs from start to finish with replay (catchup). Order the Lightning subscription from Superpro IPTV now. For only 7.50 per month.


How to solve IPTV issues? buffering or freezing?

Sometimes the management team runs tests to the server(s) and moves channels to test for better performance. There are three factors that the suppliers take into account when the IPTV freezes or buffers.

(1) Internet speed
If the internet speed is low, the channels will not load quickly and the buffer time will be high. So when customers report problems, we check the connection speed first. If it is low, we recommend our customers to go for a higher internet plan. We also confirm that they are using the correct middleware.
If the customers’ house is filled with the latest bandwidth-hungry devices, then you suggest them to buy a router that can meet the demands. From watching YouTube videos and playing the latest online games to downloading music and streaming movies, these demanding wireless activities require a fast, strong wireless connection to avoid the dreaded freezing and buffering.

(2) Select Middleware
Next comes the selection of middleware. Middleware is the software that acts as a bridge between the operating system and the IPTV applications running on it. IPTV may encounter a channel freezing problem due to wrong middleware selection. Therefore, our dedicated engineers suggest to use IPTV box. It has a built-in Wi-Fi (or antenna jack) that runs fast enough Mbps to work with Ethernet Power Adapter or Wi-Fi booster. One of the reasons for channel freezing may be the connection of the IPTV box to the Internet via Wi-Fi. To fix this, we recommend our customers to use an Ethernet Over Power adapter.

(3) Server Quality
Another key factor in the IPTV industry is the quality of the server. The performance of the server is very important for the quality of the IPTV service.

(1) Get Recommended Equipment
Getting the right gear determines how your service is pushed. It is recommended that you purchase a box recommended by the service provider. Usually they already know the best options running on their system. Beware though and do your research first and ask all the questions you can think of. We recommend using dedicated IPTV boxes instead of Android boxes with emulators. Dedicated IPTV boxes are built for live streaming and more specific features and functions of IPTV, without the need for programming. Android boxes with emulators require programming, which can be tricky.

(2) Ethernet power line adapter / * Ethernet over power
This is probably one of the best solutions if you can afford the $70-$100 tab. Many people experience freezing and buffering as they connect their IPTV box to the internet via WiFi. An *Ethernet Over Power adapter will help with this. With this device you can connect your IPTV box directly to a source feed and get the almost 100% speed you get from your modem. No fixed technical installation is required.

(3) Make sure your internet speed works with the site you are using
Streaming content requires a solid internet connection. FMUSER org. makes the following recommendations for streaming their content:
Minimum required speed – 0.5 megabits per second
Recommended broadband connection speed – 1.5 megabits per second
Speed ​​recommended for SD quality content – 3.0 megabits per second
Recommended speed for HD quality content – 5.0 megabits per second
Recommended speed for Ultra HD quality content – 25 megabits per second
This can also be used as a general guideline for streaming content from other sources. Keep in mind that if large numbers of people access a single streaming source at the same time, it will cause a bottleneck. This results in more buffering no matter what you do.

(4) Network connectivity issues
Each receiver has a buffer setting, this allows you to adjust the buffer size that works best for your internet. If your connection speed is at or above 5.0 Mbps per second and you’re still having issues, the first step is to run an internet speed test to see what your numbers look like. If the speed reported by the linked test service above reports a value that is lower than expected, consider these solutions:
①You may need to move your device closer to your wireless router if you are using a wireless Internet connection. The further you are, the more likely you are to lose signal integrity.
② You may also want to consider using a wired connection instead. A wired connection eliminates all the low signal integrity issues of being too far from your router. The connection will also be faster. However, this option pins your installation to one location.
③ Make sure there are no other devices connected to your network that are eating your bandwidth. If this is the case, please disconnect it so that your IPTV is not hindered.

(5) Pause it for 3 minutes
Video on Demand does not work while TV channels are playing fine, or TV does not work and Video on Demand plays fine. For the Video Club it is always best to press play movies and then immediately pause it for about 3 minutes to let your internet download the movie so that when you press play you will have buffered on the movie itself for some time . And sometimes rebooting your entire network, including your IPTV box, helps as it can erase all the old transfer data used in your network.