Shack TV IPTV service provider, undoubtedly one of the best IPTV servers for the USA, UK, Canada & Europe, it allows you to watch all your favorite TV shows, premium cable Tv and major sports and PPV events at the best possible quality, we are also the only company that has managed to use the cloud on its servers, this to allow the best possible activity .

Shack TV IPTV is the best on the Italian market and this is due to several reasons, firstly to our exclusive anti-interruption systems developed by our team that allow you to have fewer interruptions while watching TV, secondly our servers they are found in all the main EU countries to speed up response times and finally we always provide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The new streaming platform Shack TV IPTV, Here you will find the best selection of US Movies, series and documentaries at no additional cost. All contents are in original version, subtitled or dubbed. To complete the offer, personalized suggestions and thematic collections specially chosen for you. To access it, you just need to login.

why pay for cable or satellite tv when you can have IPTV?

  • No More Expensive Cable Bills
  • 15000+ Live TV Channels
  • 40000+ Movies & TV Shows (VOD)
  • No Buffering, No Interruptions
  • Watch It On All Your Devices
  • M3U Link Delivery in Minutes
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Have you ever heard of this new technology that allows you to watch all your favorite channels on all your devices with the Internet only?

Get channels from all countries of the world! Shack TV IPTV offers channels from all over the world in one IPTV subscription plan, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Romania, South Africa, Thailand, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Japan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Vietnam, Albania, Portugal, Greece, India, Pakistan , Turkey, Dubai and many others.


Easy to use & Super fast servers:

To join Shack IPTV it’s a simple Process, follow these steps to get started within a few minutes:

  1. Choose a subscription between 3/6 months or 1 year,
  2. Sign up and pay by debit / credit card through a secure portal.
  3. Get your m3u link within a few minutes after confirming the order.
  4. Install the app: IPTV-Smarters Player and enter the link, then enjoy the service!
  5. Discover the Future of Live TV:


Our company provides subscription services directly to your device through the internet. This includes Smart TV Samsung & LG, PC, Mac, Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple TV 4 & 5, Amazon Firestick, IPTV box, Android phones, and tablets, Android box, MAG, AVOV, VU +, Enigma 2, Dreambox, Openbox , Dreamlink and STB Emulator.


Shack TV is a provider of IPTV streaming subscriptions with quick activation and no installation costs, covering all your daily devices. Our team provides solid IPTV services in several countries. And our network engineers deliver high quality digital media streaming to our loyal customers. Our strong support team and technical expertise have enabled us to be the best IPTV service provider available worldwide.





Can I use my subscription on multiple devices?

Please note that 1 subscription can be used on multiple devices, but you can ONLY watch on 1 device at the same time.

My m3u link not working?

If the link doesn’t work, always check the link on PC using the VLC software. If it works, it means that there is something wrong with your device. When typing the M3U link, make sure you do not enter any spaces and do not use the M3U link on other devices. Contact us if the link does not work on your PC after resolution.

My channels not working?

We are committed to providing a high level of service at very discounted rates. So, please keep this in mind first of all. If a channel is down, we will do our best to restore the service.
Please use the guidelines below before reporting a channel:

– Stop and give it a couple of minutes. We reboot and swap channels when needed. The channel may work again.
– Does it happen to all channels? If yes, you need to check for yourself.
– Restart the devices and wait 30 seconds before turning them back on (STB, Android Box, router, cable modem).
– Make sure by connecting via a LAN (Ethernet) cable to the devices and not via Wi-Fi.

Are there any adult channels?

Yes, we offer over 150+ premium adult channels, kindly send a message before placing your order if adult channels are not needed.

Is there the EPG (Electronic Program Guide)?

Yes, the EPg will download automatically as soon as you access the app.

My account isn’t working, what can I do?

First, check your internet connection, restart your router and device, then try again. Secondly, if your connection works, check if your account is used on other devices. You can’t see for more than
Has my subscription been active since I make the payment?

The subscription starts from the moment you receive the activation credentials by e-mail.

For instance:

Maria subscribed for 3 months on February 1st at 11:55 pm and the activation credentials were received on February 2nd at 12:10 am. Maria’s subscription will be active from February 2 at 00:10 for the next 3 months.


How long do I have to wait before I can use the subscription?

We activate all new accounts within a maximum of three hours of payment made.
I don’t see any channels, am I blocked?

I am not from the USA / Canada or the UK. Can I subscribe?

Yes, our service is available worldwide to everyone.

Does the IPTV service have subtitles?

If the channel you are looking for is within the (national channel group), it should have a subtitle in that country’s language.


Can I use my IPTV anywhere i go?

Yes, Shack TV is perfect for people living in an apartment! IPTV works very well anywhere with high-speed Internet, including apartment buildings or skyscrapers. A satellite TV antenna cannot be installed in your home or do you travel often? Grab Shack TV and watch your favorite shows on the go or to your temporary destination.