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Players Klub IPTV is a leader in the world IPTV sector with private streams for every resolution, from SD to 4k. Join our Server and you will live a unique experience. Players Klub IPTV, the most stable and reliable IPTV server!

Players Klub IPTV the most complete iptv subscription ever

Players Klub IPTV has been offering the best IPTV subscription online, for over 5 years. With a library of over 50,000 Movies and series contents, VODs updated daily, H265, FHD and HD channels. And over 15000 Live TV channels from USA, Canada, UK, and the world. With our 24/7 assistance, your m3u list will always be online!

Watching your iptv line has never been easier with the Players Klub android app.


All the best Live TV content  in a single IPTV subscription

Our IPTV list is among the most complete in the market. We offer smart iptv packages containing the main US cable TV channels, PPV eevnts, Sports leagues, and much more! Don’t search for free IPTV lists, choose only the best with Players Klub quality comes first. Our local and private streams boast a very high bitrate to guarantee a high picture quality.

Your Favorite Movies Like You’ve Never Seen Them! Players Klub offers a catalog of Films and TV Series enviable to that of the largest IPTV Streaming sites with more than 30,000 VOD contents.

Smart IPTV – here IPTV is even smarter! Players Klub can be viewed on any device. Take advantage of it to enjoy your iptv list also on smartphones, tablets and IPTV firestick.


Players Klub works on all devices

Thanks to our packages designed for the needs of our users, you can use our smart iptv list, on all the devices you need! We obviously support the use on different devices for example on smart TVs thanks to duplex iptv, on android thanks to iptv extreme or our dedicated iptv apps … You can see our iptv service wherever you want!


Not only Football in Streaming, from Players Klub sport and On demand have the same value, Players Klub  guarantees the daily update of movies and TV series within your iptv playlist. This is possible thanks to a team of experts ready to welcome user requests and above all to keep an iptv list always updated!

Watch The latest releases, your favorite series, the great classics wherever and whenever you want with Players Klub. Choose the best IPTV subscription and you will have the Cinema directly to your home


All the IPTV EPG Guides you need

Our team constantly updates the guides to ensure that everyone can solve the problems inherent to their iptv App used. Watch all Sport, TV series, Movies and Satellite Channels in one big package. The new frontier of iptv begins today. All pay TV channels in one large IPTV subscription. Discover the offers at a more than affordable price, we like to call it: IPTV Low Cost. Subscribe now and don’t miss a second of your favorite team, your favorite movies and the TV series you love so much. We are among the first in the USA to have revolutionized IPTV by dedicating an entire team to provide the best assistance to our customers and above all to keep the service up to date with the latest TV news.


How to join Players Klub

It’s all very simple, cheap and ready to use! You just have to choose your package  and you will immediately receive your subscription with more than 40,000 channels available to use on any device you want: Smart TV, android, IOs, MAC or Windows PC. Your m3u Line can be consulted at any time by accessing the customer area of ​​the site, under the heading “Services”. Are you still hesitant? What are you waiting for, contact us immediately on telegram and we will raise your doubts!

Simplicity Assistance

These are the words that characterize Players Klub, we care about the user experience, so we have made the best iptv apps available to our users, and above all the best support for our customers.

Players Klub team works constantly to improve the iptv service offered, and is always looking for innovation to improve the experience of our users.


The guarantee for those who are not satisfied

With your new IPTV subscription you will be able to watch all the channels available in the USA and in all other countries of the world, simply by scrolling through the IPTV m3u list and selecting what you want to watch and not only from an android decoder, PC or Smart TV .. but also while you are away from home from your smartphone or tablet.

Once you have purchased your IPTV list, you will receive your personal credentials directly on the e-mail. At this point you just have to enter the list on the device you prefer and start watching everything you want.

Try your Players Klub, do not settle for imitations or free lists, subscribe now and save in complete safety! The credentials you will receive will be strictly confidential and encrypted, so you can access your personal area safely and from anywhere without having any fear. Players Klub is the most secure IPTV in the world thanks to the multitude of technologies applied. Nobody wants to watch their favorite team’s game with the pressure that something might happen. Players Klub keeps you all safe!

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now in a simple and fast way. Start watching your favorite channels now at the lowest price, with the best HD quality on the market. Players Klub is reliable, cheap and safe. the most IPTV ever!


The perfect IPTV Reseller provider

The credit operation for IPTV panels is very simple, and all the indications are given below:

1 credit corresponds to 1 month of subscription, 3 credits to 3 months, 5 credits to 6 months of viewing (10% discount) and 10 credits to 1 year of viewing (20% discount).

Finally you will find the unlimited credit reseller panel where every month you will have to pay a mandatory monthly fee but you will have the possibility to create all the subscriptions you want.

Once you have purchased the panel, you will receive a link to the portal to access it with username, password and an encrypted key. Within this iptv portal you can create tests, subscriptions, manage passwords and download the subscription in any format you want: iptv m3u, iptv enigma2, iptv dreambox etc.

If after these explanations you encounter any problems, Players Klub support will always be ready to help you.

How IPTV works:


1. Live IPTV

The principle of it seems stupid. We ask ourselves the question: why broadcast live like normal TV? The great thing about IPTV is that you can watch programs anywhere with a connected device, unlike a normal TV. This principle is generally used during the broadcasts of live matches, or Lives or others. This makes it easier for a user to follow the news in real time.

2. Catch-up television

Delayed media allow you to catch up on shows you missed when they aired. You can choose where and when you want to see it, but the videos offered have a limited shelf life on the server. Learn more about the forums.

3. Video on demand (VOD)

As the name suggests, in this case the videos are stored in the provider’s server and the user can get the footage on every request. Streaming sites like Netflix use this kind of technology to allow users to select and watch videos of interest to them from a catalog. Indeed, the contents can be varied. VODs are not linked to TV programs, but can contain archives of TV programs, movies, series and more.

The IPTV server: a service of the future

IP server technology is becoming more and more common due to customer expectations. Users no longer have the time to nail themselves to a sofa to watch TV. They want mobility and the freedom to choose their own programs, and IPTV gives them the opportunity. Users can now use their connected devices to watch TV through software or streaming sites. Suppliers must therefore offer users optimal quality of content, with very high transmission speed.