OlogyTV IPTV provider for USA Live TV service, We provide quality internet TV service no matter where you are.
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OlogyTV  is your passport to television at home or anywhere in the world, while providing you with an easy-to-use interface


The majority of TV channels now offer applications to follow their programs live via the Internet. Thus, all platforms with internet access, such as a smartphone, tablet or smart TV, will allow you to access these channels wherever you are.

We have selected for you the best offer for a OlogyTV package.

To benefit from OlogyTV service, you need an active and functional Internet service. The quality of the service received depends on the quality transmitted and the stability by the broadcasting system such as the router, the decoder (Box) and the television.

To ensure a maximum user experience, it is necessary to have 50 Mbit / S and more with an unlimited plan

This service is a television solution for all those who want to cut the cable, or, to all those who have no access to Quebec content by cable or satellite in certain remote regions.


OlogyTV offers over 14,500 national and international channels:

Full HD, Netflix 4K, Prime Video 4K, all PPV, Sports, HD Series in French, Arabic and English, children’s section with cartoons, Documentaries and over 100 adult HD channels in addition to all the new programs that will entertain the whole family.
OlogyTV services include the highest quality standards in USA and Canada.
All of our OlogyTV receivers are pre-configured for you. All you have to do is plug in and use.
EXPRESS delivery service anywhere in Canada with guaranteed tracking.
A huge channels selection of USA, Canadian, UK and European Live tv, and a large library of films and series.

American and Canadian channels, plus many other languages ​​available including Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

OlogyTV IPTV combines HD and Full HD picture quality and stability.

We offer the best service and a large number of channel choices, in addition to the latest trending movies and series.
We work with official suppliers in Canada, which guarantees us a superior quality of service and authentic products.
By subscribing to our services you also have the option of extended warranty on our devices.
We only sell quality receivers.
These models are considered among the top of the high end receivers in the world.


Enjoy excellent value for money on the TV and Internet service you deserve


Here’s how we make your TV experience even better:

Watch and pause:  Take control of live TV and never miss a moment.

Chromecast built-in: Easily access your favorite videos and photos on the big screen.

Record your favorite shows: Store 50 hours of TV on our cloud-based personal digital recorder. Additional recording capacity available.

Go wireless: Wireless TV set-top boxes let you watch TV anywhere in your home.

YouTube your way: Watch YouTube and other popular apps on your TV, all with the same remote.


Find your ideal TV package:


Our premium Sport package, which also includes popular news, entertainment and kids’ channels. Programming offering a wide variety of reality shows, news and popular TV series.

Enjoy the best of your TV with the most extensive programming, at the best price. Discover this package today which includes basic local channels and more.

A good TV experience starts with choosing the right package. Before you can get the most from your television, you
must find the perfect package for you. We help you easily obtain high quality television services at advantageous prices.



Why do I need Distributel Internet service to get your TV service?

Our television service is offered over Internet Protocol (IPTV); TV content is delivered to your home using your home Internet connection.


What is wireless television?

Thanks to wireless television, you can access your television content anywhere in your home, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. Our TV set-top boxes connect wirelessly to your home Internet network, giving you a total freedom to watch TV wherever you want at home.


How is your TV service different from the cable service I have had for years?

Unlike your current cable TV service, our TV service uses IPTV technology. This technology allows us to easily add additional features to enhance your experience, including access to applications like YouTube.

What tv channels do you offer?

We have tons of popular sports, news and networking channels. It is possible to add.


What is IPTV?

The acronym IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. In a very general way, it is about being able to watch television through the internet.
In a nutshell, when an individual wants to watch programs on a traditional television set, they receive them by radio or cable. The old rake antennas, or parabolic antennas, or even cable for example, worked like this. From now on, an individual who equips his traditional television set with an IPTV box is able to watch television via the Internet. He thus has access to an extremely wide range of channels, when and where he wants.

Only a few years ago, it was absolutely mandatory to have a computer and an internet connection for anyone wishing to access an internet television offering. Today, the advent of the IPTV box greatly facilitates access to this type of service.

How does IPTV work?

From a technical point of view, watching programs with an IPTV box is more like browsing the internet than traditional zapping.

Generally speaking, when a user clicks on a program, it invokes an information transport protocol, this is the Internet Protocol (IP). This information delivery mechanism will collect data from many different servers and bring all of its collection together into a single cohesive entity: the program requested by the viewer.

Computer servers simply transmit programs to households over their Internet connection when they request them.