Nvision TV IPTV

Nvision TV IPTV offers thousands of live channels, films, series and sports and affordable TV viewing for everyone.

Watching television without cable or dish, an internet connection is all you need. Without contract or long-term obligations for a fair price. Select a package of your choice and use your own device or opt for a ready-made player

Have you already purchased a MAG box or Firestick device and looking to switch IPTV provider? no problem. Welcome aboard Nvision TV IPTV. We have IPTV boxes with 1 year package, your Choice of Silver or Gold year package.

Nvision TV IPTV Features:

  • Includes Video Club (VOD)
  • Replay, pause and record
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • International sports offer
  • Optionally with/without Erotica
  • VPN use allowed with Gold
  • Country selection option
  • 16,000+ Television channels
  • International sports offer
  • Erotic and adult channels
  • Timeshift and Missed broadcast
  • Record programs
  • look back up to 72 hours

Nvision TV IPTV Android App:

Affordable 4K viewing via IPTV, Stable Android IPTV receiver fully configured for immediate use. Use your IPTV portal or .m3u list and watch the channels in no time. Wired or via built-in WiFi antenna. Because of the very simple basic user interface, anyone can use it without any effort.

All premium TV providers under one roof! most complete Video Club from all the world! for all ages.
Streaming on demand for everyone. All the popular offer is in the video club. So not the apps themselves, but their offer is available with our very extensive Video on demand function (VOD), Films and series with subtitles replenished daily. Stable and extensive international offer!

Nvision TV IPTV Advantages:

Thousands of television channels. With IPTV it is possible.

The abbreviation IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Tele Vision.
IPTV differs from traditional television in that the signal is received via an IP protocol. With a normal television, the signal is usually sent via a COAX cable.

IPTV subscription

It is often thought that IPTV can only be watched on the Internet.
After all, the signal comes from an Internet Protocol.
Yet it is a little more complicated.
IPTV is used on a closed network that is completely separate from the internet. It is a network that only IPTV traffic passes through. This is necessary to ensure the required bandwidth.

What do you need?

To use IPTV, you need IPTV signals.
You can find these at different providers.
The providers that broadcast IPTV signals are mainly ADSL and fiber optic providers. In addition to the signals, you also need a decoder. This is often provided by the provider itself.
In addition to the decoder, you need a modem. This is where you connect the decoder.
Now you can use IPTV, which you can then play on a SMART TV or set top box (iptv player). In short, the requirements for IPTV are:

Provider with IPTV offer;
IPTV app
SMART TV or IPTV player

IPTV packages

In principle, with IPTV you have no limit on the number of channels.
You can view all channels that are included in the IPTV provider’s package.
So you can choose the provider with the channel package that you feel most comfortable with.
Don’t have a SMART TV? Then you can still use IPTV.

With so-called IPTV combination packages you can buy an iptv box and an IPTV package together.
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IPTV app smart tv

This app is for people with a SMART TV, who don’t want to put a decoder next to the television.
The smart iptv app allows you to watch IPTV without the need for a decoder.
Please note: just downloading the app is not enough.
You do need an IPTV subscription to use the app.
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IPTV on multiple TVs in the house?

For every television you need a separate decoder or IPTV app with an iptv subscription.
A disadvantage of this construction can be that the network becomes slower.
This is because every IPTV stream needs sufficient bandwidth.
If IPTV is watched at the same time, this can be detrimental to the speed of the stream.
Therefore, do not save on a suitable internet connection, because you are already saving on your TV offer.
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IPTV and Internet TV

IPTV is very similar to Internet TV. However, there is an essential difference between the two forms.
As we have already discussed, with IPTV you use a closed network.
This network has certain requirements for connection speeds, so that quality can be guaranteed. The provider therefore has no influence on the image quality.
The advantage of Internet TV is that it goes via the existing WiFi or cable network.