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Large choice of national and international channels, Films & Series (Quality: 4K / FHD / HD / SD) All packages (Sports, Cinema, Children, etc.) are available and we are compatible with the most important equipment on the market


Why choose MyIPTVNow ?

Your favorite channels, wherever you are! Our IPTV service of US and foreign channels… To be consumed without moderation.

  • Your satisfaction is our priority:
    We are available by Email to answer all your questions.
  • Watch what you want and when you want:
    Your favorite channels, VOD, series live and in better quality where you want, when you want. Do not wait ! Try our subscription for free now! It is quick and easy to install.
  • SD, HD, Full HD and 4K channels:
    Enjoy all French channels, sports, TV series and cinema at a low price, with MyIPTVNow watch more and pay less.


  • A list of over 11,000 channels awaits you in all qualities (4K, Full HD, HD).
  • EPG available, which allows you to be informed of the program being broadcast.
  • More than 100 channels categories form all over the world.
  • A technical service available 7/7 to preserve our guarantee WITHOUT CUT!
  • Available wherever you are! Take your channel list with you and don’t miss your favorite programs. Connect to Wifi or 4G.
  • Catalog of more than 40,000 VOD films and series updated daily!


Replay and Catchup TV

This is an interesting function so you don’t miss anything. Available on our service, the 72h Replay is appearing quickly.

Several live TV channels from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Arab world … are already concerned at present. Others will follow …


EPG TV guide

Enjoy our channels in exceptional quality!

Thanks to the EPG option also included

in all our subscriptions, the TV guide opens the doors to you with incredible comfort.


Presentation of the IPTV subscription:

MyIPTVNow offer a wide choice of TV channels broadcast through the new P2P streaming technology. That gives you access to over 4,500 HD 1080p quality shows, some of the best in the world. As well as VOD series and films on demand, gathered in a huge library of +8000 films and series.

For 4K channels we are in the process of increasing the number of ultra HD channels, finally to satisfy many customers who are very interested in UHD quality. As well as the quality of Dolby Digital Plus sound for a unique experience on the right hardware.

This is a 100% streaming service, you just need to subscribe and have a minimum 8 Mega internet connection to enjoy the IPTV service without Freezing. Watch our bouquets on your TV without a satellite dish, regardless of your geographic location on earth.

The list of packages continues to grow, with each addition you will find new channels directly on your IPTV device, without any intervention required on your part.

Our support team always at your service, to assist you in activating and renewing your subscription at any time 12h / 24 – 7/7. And our teams of technicians are always monitoring our servers, to guarantee the 24-hour service is a problem.

It is always preferable to connect your Android box or your smart TV, with an Ethernet cable to ensure the stability of the Internet speed necessary to operate channels and VODs are a problem.

You can also use a VPN application on Android boxes, to avoid blocking your subscription by your internet service provider.

Finally IPTV is compatible with a multitude of devices and operating systems. and well suited for Android boxes for easy and pleasant use.


MyIPTVNow, Works on any device

Watch MyIPTVNow on your Smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blu-ray players and more. Join now and live a unique experience.

Devices supported by IPTV

IPTV works on several devices, especially android boxes like (X96 Mini, X96 Max, T95N, X92 ect .. It also works for smart TVs. QHDTV PRO and well suited for android boxes, for easy and pleasant use. installed the application all you have to do is enter your activation code to start watching your favorite shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

Customer service:
  • Buy with Confidence: Our Subscriber Protection covers your purchase from the click to the subscription.
  • Secure Payment: Pay with the world’s most popular and secure payment methods.
  • 24/7 Help Center: 24/7 support for a smooth subscription experience.

Frequently asked Questions :

I don’t know how to contact customer service on your site … how do I do that?

Several customers ask, you told me “contacted customer service on the site”, but I have not arrived, how to contact them, the answer and simple you just have to send them a message on the chat application in direct available on the site or by E-mail (

I wanted to take a subscription on the site, but I am unable to complete my order. Why ?

As it is one of the most secure and reliable electronic payment systems, we use PayPal for transaction processing, then you can place your order either with your PayPal account or with your bank card, for cards banking directly on the logo of the bank card, This is how you pay securely and privately.

I am in the process of validating my order, but I am wondering how I will receive my activation code?

once the order has been executed, you will receive your activation code in a few (5 minutes on average) on the email address you provided when confirming the order, Sometimes the email arrives can be delayed, often at cause of malfunction, but don’t worry, we will resend it manually within the same day, If you forgot or are not prompted to enter your email address when ordering, you will be asked for it when ordering payment and you will have to confirm it, even if you are mistaken giving you the e-mail, no problem, you can communicate with our customer service at any time and ask to send it to the correct address.

I ordered my subscription, but I haven’t received my activation code, it’s been several hours now and I haven’t received anything yet, I tried to contact customer service but no one responds … only I have to do ?

This issue is rare, but if this issue occurs with you, don’t worry, it is due to a problem with our systems and in any case you will receive an email in a few hours, if not, contact the customer service.

I received my code and I entered on the application but I have an error message (invalid code) … the application does not accept my code … the application to accept my code but I can’t find the list, I have the blacklist and empty … what should I do?

These problems usually come from the application itself. If you have an old version of the app, which happens to you most often, the solution is to download the new version of the app, the latest version found on Play Store And on our download page, then the app s ‘will run without problem.

I received my activation code, I entered my code the application accepts the code but, the programs are not working … what should I do?

The codes sent to our customers are checked in advance, so we never provide the codes before checking their validity, This problem occurs when the customer enters the wrong code, although the application accepts the code, but the programs will not work no, This problem usually occurs when the client enters the wrong code. The solution is to simply re-enter the code and verify it before pressing the connect button. To do this, you must access the application settings, then press the reset functionality (on QHDTV and QHDTVPRO you go to settings sinks you put rest and accepts the erasure of data, on SUBTV you go to settings sinks you put erased data and accepted.)

My subscription is still valid but no program works, although it would work before … what should I do?

This problem is rare, but it can be the result of a problem with the system. The solution is to contact customer service and ask them to change the subscription code to a new one, this process is free and available at any time, you can request a change of the subscription code even if the code is activated.

I have a problem with my subscription, I have tried all of them but they still don’t work … what should I do?

If you have a problem with your subscription and have tried all possible solutions and the problem persists, all you need to do is contact customer service and explain your problem.

I contacted customer service, but did not receive a response. What should I do?

This is for two reasons: either there is no one to answer you at the time, or perhaps because there are a lot of customers on the site and all the staff are busy answering their questions. and therefore cannot reply to you, you must try again later. You will be answered.


What is IPTV?

There are a few ways to watch TV: cable, fiber optic cable, satellite, or through an antenna. IPTV, or Streaming TV, is a new medium that uses the internet outright to give you access to hundreds, if not thousands, of TV channels around the world.

This stream or in English “stream” can be viewed from a computer or mainly from an IPTV box that can be purchased for a few tens of dollars. You obviously need a good internet connection and good bandwidth to ensure visual quality. For some, the fact remains that upgrading their internet plan to achieve this quality and cutting the cable still represents a saving of money in the end.

Several advertisements are present on the web or on Facebook to promote this type of IPTV service. Kijiji, Amazon and other sites allow you to buy these boxes, often referred to as Android Boxes, in addition to signing up for year-round plans at prices that beat any competition. Obviously, you will suspect that there is eel under the rock.

The phenomenon of IPTV or streaming television is growing all over the world and Canada and Quebec are not spared. But what is this phenomenon and what does it imply?

The offer is often very attractive. Pay only a hundred or two hundred dollars a year to have access to a multitude of television channels from all over the world. When you think about how much you pay cable companies for just a few months, the deal certainly gets all the more interesting.

We try by all means to save a few pennies and very often television is the first place we try to save, because we consider that the prices charged by the Bells and Video-trons of this world are too expensive. Only, be careful with offers that are too good to be true.