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MXL TV is an IPTV service that offers more than 20K channels, including several of them in HD quality. The basic package costs $16.00/month and includes international entertainment, sports, PPV news and many other channels. The package includes three connections; however, you can add more links at registration time if you wish.

MXL TV service always works 99.99% of the time. They strive to provide their subscribers with a higher quality IPTV subscription service. They provide a reliable IPTV service without buffering or freezing. MXL TV services use the latest H264 technology, which provides the best compression and quality.

MXL TV is a premium IPTV service with more than 20000 channels and a private server that uses +10 Gbps. They provide a Premium IPTV service presented using the m3u list over the Internet protocol suite instead of conventional satellite signal or cable television formats.


Since the growing evolution of streaming, there are more and more ways to view content. And it is that in addition to all the services offered by official channels and platforms, TV providers have been using another way of being able to reproduce their content for some time: IPTV.


MXL TV IPTV Subscription

We have 2 different iptv subscriptions. Premium IPTV is the best we have and is also recommended by us. If you would like to watch cheap IPTV and HD quality is sufficient, then Standard IPTV is the best choice. Premium MXL TV IPTV subscription with 20,000+ Channels and 100,000+ VOD from 50 different countries. Quality in HD/Full HD/4K
Channels Replay and catchup,


Why choose us MXL TV ?

+20,000 live TV channels, We offer our customers more Live TV channels than any of our competitors.

60,000+ VOD / Movies / Series We offer twice as much film than popular streaming platforms at a much lower cost.

Stable servers, We have more than +50 servers worldwide for the best quality.

24 hours free trial! Try our premium streaming service for free within 24 hours with full access.
All devices are supported, Android/MAG/DreamBox/Engima2/linux/Apple/Samsung/LG/VLC and more.

Only 15 USD per month !! Our service starts at just 15 usd per month to give the best bang for your buck.


What is IPTV?

IPTV, from the acronym Internet Protocol TV, relies on streaming technology to offer its content. It is usually used by operators, being able to access this content through their television packages and a decoder. In this way, if we pay a monthly fee for any of the television services offered by companies such as Movistar, Orange, or Vodafone, among others, we are accessing this content through IPTV.

IPTV makes use of the bandwidth of our Internet connection to offer content live and on demand. To access these services, we communicate with a private server of the company through our decoder and router, hardware in charge of receiving the signal, decoding it and compressing it so that we can see the content.

To watch traditional television channels, we have generally always needed an antenna, satellite or cable to watch the content. However, with IPTV you just have to have the decoder connected to the router and the television through an HDMI cable, or another compatible means to transmit the audio and video signal.

In addition to the content that is offered through IPTV, we can also have additional functions of the decoder itself, such as the possibility of recording television content, or rewinding a program.

What is the difference between IPTV and OTTs?

The services that work through IPTV are different from those that companies offer us with their OTT (Over the Top). Here the content is offered through the Internet and streaming, as is the case with major streaming platforms. The main difference is that the services offered through OTTs are visible to the public, as long as one registers on the platform in question, while IPTV is only accessible by the client of the company that has contracted. these services.

With regard to OTTs, there are also companies that offer this type of service. A very clear example is that of Movistar+ Lite, since to access the content you only need to be subscribed and have the app on mobile devices, consoles and televisions, or access through the web. Here the offer is somewhat more limited and we do not have the special functions of the decoder, but we are not tied to the hardware.

Another important issue about OTTs is that they are not assigned a fixed bandwidth on our network, but the quality of the streaming will be linked to the bandwidth that is free on our network. On the other hand, IPTV does have a specific bandwidth assigned, making the quality of the content more stable.