Limitless IPTV

Limitless IPTV allows you to access to 19,000 channels! With the IPTV subscription you get direct access to more than 19000 channels and 45000 films/series. With your Limitless IPTV you immediately receive all channels including all the USA, Canadian, UK, and international TV providers. Watch all your favorite sport events and all major football, basketball, games.

You can use Limitless IPTV anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. Watch your favorite programs and series again. Supported countries: USA / Canada / Netherlands / Belgium / Germany / UK / Spain / Portugal / Poland / Italy / Israel / Ex-Yu / Hindi / Arabic / Turkey.

Limitless IPTV subscription with more than 19,000 channels and 100,000+ movies and series available from 50 different countries. Including all sports / film / music and ppv channels.

7 day money back guarantee, If you are not satisfied with our iptv service, you can cancel it within 7 days of purchase. We will then issue you a full refund.


How does IPTV work and What is IPTV?

IPTV uses a so-called IP protocol. So you don’t watch television in the traditional way, where normally the television signal is received by, for example, COAX cables or fiber optics. IPTV is often used by the same providers, but on a shielded network that is separate from the internet. In some cases, the internet is used, but you have to connect it with a cable.

Is Limitless IPTV legal?

Yes, in itself it is. Because no rights are paid for the channels you receive and you watch them illegally. Because you as a user are seen by law as a healer, it is possible that an investigating officer is at your doorstep. However, no investigating officers have yet been observed in the Netherlands. But forewarned counts for two.
What do you need?

You need a provider that broadcasts signals. These are now mainly ADSL and fiber optic providers. In addition, you also need a special decoder that you also have with normal digital television. These special decoders are usually made by the provider itself because it simply involves quite a bit of customization. An ADSL or fiber optic modem is usually placed in the meter cupboard. Normally there is 1 connection for internet and 1 connection for your IPTV on that modem. By connecting your special decoder to a network cable, you can now watch television.

How many channels do I receive?

The number of television channels that you can watch with IPTV is in principle unlimited, but just like other forms of watching television, the provider determines which channels are forwarded or not. With IPTV it is not applicable that a limit is set, as is often the case with cable providers because of the capacity.

Cost for Limitless IPTV

The subscription costs range from about 100.00 to about 120.00 per year. Do you realize that this form of watching television is therefore illegal, also for you read viewer. When you convert this amount into costs that you actually pay per month for more than 1000 television channels, this amount is minimal, but illegal.
Which decoder?

You often see that people who use IPTV use the brand MAG 425A or the well-known Formuler Z7+ decoder. This decoder is reliable and therefore gives you the opportunity to view an extremely wide range of television channels in combination with a subscription.

When you have downloaded one of the above IPTV applications, send us which one you downloaded. We will do our utmost to unburden you.

24/7 Help Desk.

Our customer service is available 24/7 to help with the right TV package and to help you if necessary. help to set it up. If you have a question, you can of course always ask it.

Limitless IPTV

Buying IPTV is a good choice and very easy. Buying and activating can all be done remotely in just a few minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Romania or India. We have almost all European channels, films and series. You can watch these channels indefinitely (depending on the package) after the selected TV package has been activated.

Why buy Limitless IPTV

We are proud to offer you a stable IPTV system. We have been active in sales for over 6 years and we use a very stable system. With us you will find a wide range in different channels from different countries. We also have an extensive VOD system with films & series that are updated every week. We offer thousands of TV channels such as Dutch, Belgian, German, Turkish, Syrian, Kurdish, Arab and almost all countries around the world! See channel list which channels are included, all these channels can of course also be tested for free.


Frequently asked questions by our customers

See here a list of frequently asked questions by our customers. We have listed the most common for you.

Best apps out there.
Common issues.
Technical questions.
Questions about connection.

If you still have questions

Please contact us. We are happy to help you.

I have no picture, what can I do?

It sometimes happens that you do not have an image, first check that you have no network problems and restart your router.
Add the login details again or restart the list.
Reload the portal if you don’t use an m3u line.
If you still do not have an image after the above steps, please contact us.

I lost my list on the smart iptv app

If you have lost the list, press 0 reload, after which the list will be reloaded.
If the above doesn’t work, add the list again via see tutorials for extra help.
If you still can’t figure it out, please contact us.

The app loads the list slowly or it works slowly

If the list loads slowly or works slowly, let your list shrink. Then let us know which countries you want to receive.
Apps that often experience these issues, Smart iptv app / Kodi / VLC.

The channels are stuttering, what can I do?

To get the best out of iptv, we always advise to connect everything wired, if this is not possible then see if you can use wifi 5ghz, this is almost as fast as a wired connection
It can sometimes happen that a channel stutters, if this is every second, check whether you also have this on other channels, if so then it is probably a network issue.
To see if you have any network issues, do a, to watch iptv properly you need around 40 – 50 mbps down speed. If you are below, you probably have a network issue or you may need to increase your internet bundle to achieve a higher speed.

How can you be reached?

We are available by email 7 days a week. We respond the same day, normally this is within a few hours, sometimes longer at busy times.


It can sometimes happen that a transmitter does not work properly, for example: in a loop / audio out or sync / wrong channel.
Normally, a channel automatically recovers in a few hours.
If it still does not work after this, please send us an email with the correct channel name and a short explanation of what is wrong. Then we’ll fix this.


It can sometimes happen that a transmitter does not work properly, for example: in a loop / audio out or sync / wrong channel.
Normally, a channel automatically recovers in a few hours.
If it still doesn’t work after this, send us an email