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Would you like to take out an IPTV subscription and are you looking for the best IPTV provider for USA premium TV channels, PPV and all sports channels, at the moment? Then you’ve come to the right place! John Doe Streams IPTV have been named the best IPTV provider of the moment. Our price-quality ratio and service emerged as the best. Read here why!
Best price and quality IPTV

For only 7.50 per month you get access to thousands of channels, domestic and foreign. You can watch unlimited series and movies, wherever and whenever you want. Do you have a smart TV? Then you can use smart IPTV. But don’t worry, you can also take out an IPTV subscription if you don’t have a smart TV. You will then receive an IPTV box sent to your home. It takes a little longer before you can start watching, but as soon as the box pops on the doormat, it’s plug and play!

What you need to know about John Doe Streams IPTV

We have already been able to make many people happy with such a handy IPTV box. Read below some reviews from satisfied customers:

“John Doe Streams IPTV has a very wide range of channels, unlike other providers. Moreover, it is very stable!” – Ben

“First I tried IPTV for free at John Doe Streams, I had immediate access. It works perfectly! The image is very clear and the range is super wide. There is a lot of choice in terms of films.” –

John Doe Streams the best IPTV provider

In addition to our very wide range of channels and amazingly low prices, we also offer excellent service. Can’t figure it out with your smart IPTV or IPTV box? You can always contact us 24/7 and we will help you immediately. So even if you wanted to watch a movie at 2 a.m. We guarantee that. And would you like to try it out without obligation? Which can. Click on ‘Try IPTV 24 hours’ on the website and you will receive immediate access to the trial subscription. There is no difference between the real subscription and the trial subscription. That means direct access to the full range. And do you like it? Then take out a subscription right away! If you have any questions about the subscriptions, you can always call or email us.

Everything you need to know about IPTV

Thousands of channels in one subscription. With IPTV it is possible. The abbreviation IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TeleVision, and it differs from traditional television in that the signal is sent over the Internet.

How does IPTV work?

IPTV uses various techniques to enable you to watch TV via your internet connection. The TV signal is first converted to a compact digital signal, and then sent over the internet.

The quality is best with a legal subscription. If you receive channels illegally, these streams are less reliable.

Advantages of IPTV:

Huge range of channels.
Interactive capabilities.
IPTV apps for televisions, computers and mobile devices.
Good alternative to the dish.

What are the disadvantages?

Internet connection required.
Separate decoder or app for each device.
Illegal streams are unreliable.
Influence on your internet speed.

What do you need?

If you want to receive IPTV legally, you can go to all internet providers for a subscription. There is also illegal IPTV, we’ll get to that later.

In addition to a TV subscription, you need a decoder. This is provided by the provider itself. You connect the decoder to the modem. There are also TV apps that you can install on a smart TV or mobile device.

In short, the requirements for IPTV are:

Provider with IPTV: All providers use IPTV. Most providers offer a TV app. There are also many illegal providers.
Decoder: A TV receiver is needed to convert the signal to your television. You use the interactive TV options with the remote control.
Internet subscription: Your TV reception is via the internet connection. That is why an internet subscription is necessary.
Modern television: A modern television with an HDMI connection. A smart TV or media player if you want to use a TV app.
Sufficient internet speed: For 4K quality, we recommend at least 50 Mbps per person.

Difference Between IPTV and Internet TV

At first, IPTV looks a lot like Internet TV. However, there is an essential difference between the two forms. IPTV uses a closed coded signal over the internet connection.

This network has certain requirements, so that quality can be guaranteed. Internet TV does not have this quality guarantee. The provider therefore has no influence on the image quality.

Compare IPTV providers

In the overview you see legal IPTV providers where you can take out a separate TV subscription. There are many more providers that offer a complete package with internet and TV.

But there is also a way to legally watch thousands of channels from all over the world. These channels are collected by hobbyists, such as Kanalenlijst Hans. These are not encrypted.

What is IPTV ? Everything you need to know

John Doe Streams offers Thousands of channels, just in one subscription. With IPTV it is possible. The abbreviation IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TeleVision. IPTV differs from traditional television in that the signal is received via an IP protocol. With a normal television, the signal is usually sent via a COAX cable. On this page we tell you everything you need to know about IPTV.

Best quality UHD, 4K and 1080p 50fps

Our service we offer is suitable for smart tv, smartphone/tablet, laptop/pc, android box, mag, formular, linuxbox, dreambox, vu solo, apple tv, raspberry pi etc.
Premium channel offer

Watch the premium movie channels live 24/7, you can also use video on demand where you can watch a movie or series of your choice at any time of the day.
live sports

Watch your favorite match live worldwide, the sports channels include ziggo sports, fox sports, play sports, bein sports, sky sports.

What do you need to get started?

To be able to use John Doe Streams you only need internet and a playback device such as a TV, smartphone, tablet, media player or something close, IPTV can really go anywhere.

IPTV subscription

In principle, with IPTV you have no limit on the number of channels. You can watch all channels included in the package of your choice. So you can choose the channel package that you feel most for. Don’t have a SMART TV? Then you can still use IPTV. With so-called IPTV Bundle packages you can buy a media box and an IPTV package together.

IPTV app
This app is for people with a SMART TV, who don’t want to put a decoder next to the television. The app (not for the phone) gives you the opportunity to watch IPTV without the need for a decoder. Please note: just downloading the app is not enough. You do need an IPTV subscription to use the app. Activating the app takes about 5 minutes.

IPTV on multiple TVs in the house?
Which can. The only thing is that you need a separate decoder or IPTV app for each television. A disadvantage of this construction can be that the network becomes slower. This is because every IPTV stream needs bandwidth. If IPTV is watched at the same time, this can be detrimental to the speed of the stream.