JetStream Live TV

JetStream TV IPTV service provider, allows you to watch all free and paid US Live Tv channels and PPV sports, in better FHD / HD / SD picture quality and with proper adjustment. JetStream TV IPTV has achieved excellent results since opening over 7  years of experience, Our goal is to provide our customers with an unparalleled experience and exceptional value.


JetStream TV IPTV Features:

Your favorite Films and series

IPTV SMARTER PRO allows you to watch the latest Movies and Series releases with better picture quality and with proper adjustment.

TV and VOD on one IPTV service

JetStream TV IPTV has a rich playlist of movies and series. You will be impressed by the number of advantages that you will have by ordering our IPTV.

Latest seasons of Films and series

JetStream TV IPTV allows you to watch the latest Movies and Series releases with better picture quality and with proper adjustment

How does our IPTV work?

  • Register now
  • Place your order on our website and instantly get your best IPTV SMARTER PRO access.
  • Download the JetStream TV IPTV app
  • Configure IPTV SMARTER PRO on your favorite devices (Smart TV, Mag, Android Box, Enigma 2, Smartphone …)
  • Enjoy! and Start browsing 10,000+ live IPTV channels!

Why pay more for cable or satellite tv services?

  • No more expensive cable bills
  • No hardware to install
  • No bandwidth limit
  • You get more than 10,000 channels
  • You get unlimited access 24/7
  • You get automatic channel updates
  • Watch it on all your devices

Ultra-fast servers, for the best IPTV picture quality:


  • Unlike other IPTV providers, JetStream TV uses a high quality European dedicated server with a 10 Gbps connection. It will take less than 0.5 seconds for our TV channels to open.
  • 10,000+ Channels around the world
  • A complete list of all available European channels. With over 10,000 TV channels, we can offer you the most advanced channel list on the market
  • Flexible pricing plans

Instant installation:

You can easily set up and install your IPTV subscription on your favorite device, we provide full tutorials on our website to make this process easy for everyone.

Fast Support 24/7:
Although we believe that you will never have a problem, but if for any reason you need assistance or to install your service, just contact us by email.

4K / FHD / HD / SD quality:
Most of our channels are available in FHD quality and some are in 4K. We also support 3D channels.

What you get with your JetStream IPTV subscription:


  • +10 000 Channels
  • +30,000 Films and VOD Series
  • Ultra HD quality
  • Automatic updates
  • Available on all devices
  • AntiFreeze Technologies
  • EPG TV Guide
  • 24/7 support

4K IPTV Sports Stream

Get unlimited LIVE 4k access to all sports channels around the world. Never miss your favorite teams again!


Our IPTV service works with all IPTV devices and applications: Smart TV, Formular, M3U Playlist, VLC MAG or STB, GSE IPTV, Kodi, Android, iOS, Web TV Player (browser) and more.

Ultra fast server stability

Opt for ease of use thanks to our stable premium servers, without interruptions and with ultra fast loading

Video on demand

Instantly enjoy a huge selection of IPTV Movies and TV Shows. You will have access to VOD, which is updated every day! All in HD.

Enjoy your favorite and TV shows on any device, from any location, All your favorite football matches,  Sport without limits, follow your favorite leagues live; all sports channels are available.

Live TV channels, enjoy a list of world channels, VOD and movies in several languages ​​English, German, Italian and Arabic, etc.

VOD & Films with all the news; Best new updated iptv subscription. Frequently, you can also request a TV series or TV shows.



IPTV: How does it work?

Admittedly, the quality of internet connections has steadily increased in recent years. Recently, with the deployment of 5G, we can achieve an incredible speed of up to (at least in theory) 20 gigabits per second. This technological development has given rise to many phenomena such as the explosion of video on demand (VOD) and IPTV ink. The latter also allows you to see thousands of television channels through the Internet. We tell you everything about this technique: how it works, its advantages and disadvantages.

Definition and operation of IPTV

IPTV literally stands for “Internet Protocol Television”. To be a little more precise, the channel data is sent directly to your IP address. Thus, the data will be much more fluid and the problems of connections will be less.

Behind this technique, there is a complex network architecture with many transcoding of traditional signals. Concretely, this technique is based on the same principle as Netflix on your television.

Do you have to have a decoder to enjoy IPTV?

If you have a computer, you don’t need anything to watch IPTV. You just have to go to the specialized sites and start watching your favorite channels on your browser. Suffice to say that it makes life easier especially if you do not want to miss the broadcast of your favorite soap opera.

If you want to take advantage of this offer on TV. You will need a small special box. This is a device that can decrypt signals that are sent to your IP address. Then it sends the images to the television. You could thus have more than a thousand channels at your disposal. It’s just colossal.