JC Media – Sportz TV IPTV

JC Media IPTV is another fantastic IPTV provider that works much like Sportz TV IPTV, allowing you to watch your favorite sports, PPV events, movies and TV shows on different devices at no extra cost. It is a paid IPTV provider that offers users specific packages and premium plans for additional features.

JC Media IPTV is compatible with various Android, iOS, Smart TV and Stalker Portal devices. This IPTV provider mainly focuses on English TV shows and offers a wide range of English TV channels. Customers can purchase Necro’s premium service via credit card, Paypal, and even Bitcoin.

JC Media the best IPTV sports provider in the USA:

We have researched the best IPTV providers for sports in the USA. We have come to the conclusion that JC Media IPTV has the best offer with the best price at the moment.
JC Media IPTV has a lot of information available about installing IPTV and offers many of its channels in 4K quality. The servers have high uptime and you can pay with Bitcoins if you want.

With a price of 5 dollars per month, this provider is one of the most affordable in the USA and Canada.

JC Media IPTV offers 2 packages. Gold and Platinum. Gold offers you the option, in addition to watching live TV, to use Video on Demand and Catchup (replay) functionality.

Platinum offers you that against a lot more international TV channels.

Both packages cost 12.50 for a month. In addition, you get a discount if you pay per (semi) year, for example. Half a year only costs €45… only 7.50 per month! Compare that with your current TV subscription.

If you are interested in channels from the Benelux, you can close the Lightning account. If you are looking for more American channels, you can close the Metal account.


What is the best IPTV streaming service for watching sports?

Streaming online sports IPTV services and providers is here to stay with many available for streaming sports, movies and TV shows. Everyone knows about the popular video streaming options.

But which is the best streaming provider for sports?

There are also many options for streaming sports from questionable IPTV sources to removed providers. In the past, there were many IPTV providers that were questionable in legality and most of them were constantly signed up. This constant shutdown of certain sports IPTV provider no longer makes them a good option for reliable service. There are many general legal providers that have good ones and the only ones recommended on this page.


JC Media IPTV Best Sports IPTV Streaming Providers

JC Media IPTV  has become the go-to source for the best sports IPTV packages available. JC Media IPTV is a legal IPTV service with very good streams that don’t go down or buffer during a big game.
JC Media IPTV has different types of packages for subscribers including Family, Elite, Latino and many Add-on packages. The Sports Plus with Football, Baseball, Basket Ball, all PPV events, international sports and much more.

JC Media IPTV is a very good service which has a lot to offer sports fans. They also have many other channels available including movies, TV shows, and news. Each package type has a different price. For example, the Family package has 3000 plus channels and costs $14.99.

Advantages and disadvantages of IPTV

Next, we are going to detail the main advantages and disadvantages of the television service through IPTV that you can find.

Advantages IPTV

By reserving a part of your banking bandwidth for IPTV, the image that your device receives is of great quality.
Several devices can be connected at the same time and you will continue to watch TV without interruptions.
Usually, the set-top boxes that are used for IPTV add some extras, such as recording the programs, rewinding, etc.
Being a personalized service, IPTV offers you specific content adapted to your tastes.

IPTV drawbacks

IPTV also has some drawbacks such as taking 20% ​​or 30% of your bandwidth, so if you don’t watch much television you may prefer to use that percentage in your browsing.
You will need more infrastructure than for other television services, because you will need to have a decoder, in addition to your router.
IPTV is an easier service to spy on. The operator can know what you see and use it to bombard you with personalized advertising.


The OTT service, Over The Top, is what we know as streaming television and broadcasts its signal through the Internet, for example, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max. Next, we are going to see the differences between IPTV and OTT.

Comparison between IPTV and OTT:


  • Network managed by the teleoperator.
  • You will need to register and install a decoder.
  • It has reserved bandwidth.
  • Accessible only from home.
  • Decoders with extra services.
  • Higher image quality.


  • It is not tied to any company.
  • Open signal, anyone can access the content by registering.
  • It has no reserved bandwidth.
  • Accessible from anywhere.
  • No decoder.
  • Lower image quality, as it depends on the connection speed.