Helix IPTV

A limitless entertainment experience! With Helix IPTV, access thousands of channels from around the world, thousands of films and hundreds of series!

Simplicity and efficiency:

Very simple installation, plug in and watch your favorite channels instantly.

Continuous updates:

New channels and VOD films are added constantly, at no additional cost.

No additional hardware installation:

No satellite dish required to benefit from our service, no more cables and room for simplicity.

Access Helix IPTV from anywhere:

Watch TV wherever you are, all you need is a WiFi or 3g / 4g connection.

SD, HD and FullHD quality:

Choose the quality according to your bandwidth, everyone can enjoy it.

Optimized streaming technology:

Redundant network connections with 10 Gbit / s bandwidth enables fast data transmission!



Helix IPTV subscriptions for smart tv, apple & android:


  • Online 24/7
  • works on any device: Androis TV and Apple TV
  • Live TV Channels in SD, HD, FHD and HEVC
  • Over 11,000 Channels from USA, UK, Canada and all over the world
  • Over 20,000 Films & Series
  • Simultaneous connection: 1
  • VPN authorization: Yes
  • Instant delivery

Custom apps:

Helix IPTV is a new application that offers a lot of possibilities with a good and easy to use interface that will appeal to iptv enthusiasts. A wide choice of vods and all the tv channels you want.

Our Helix IPTV Subscription offers you a playlist of over 11000 global channels & 20,500 Unlimited Movies / Series. with regular updates and the latest news. best servers with broadband connection. compatible with Samsung and LG, Android, Apple IPTV Set Application.

A wide variety of programs for you! Cinema, Entertainment, Music, Information, Sport and programs for children; it’s all in your TV. Quickly discover all the channels offered and liven up your Lobby; your Reception Hall through quality programs!

Helix IPTV offers you IPTV Subscription, regardless of your geographic location on earth; we assure you a reception of the channels in very high fluidity; exceptional picture quality which will ensure you a better quality when watching your favorite Matches, Series, Movies and events. in addition to videos on demand in HD or Full HD Quality and even in 4k under the best conditions. more value for money is guaranteed. This is the reason why You can count on Subscription Set IPTV.

We really care about your hobby as much as you do; although we are sure that our Helix IPTV  Subscription does not require any technical knowledge. that’s why you just need to connect your TV to the internet; subscribe and install the Set IPTV Samsung, LG application to enjoy the service without any buffering.

The best technical support service through our dedicated and free support center; As well as our competent agents, they are the best to accompany you; and offer you a good follow-up during the installation of your IPTV subscription with speed and simplicity, is at your disposal 24/7.


Helix IPTV Service Provider: Largest selection of USA premium cable TV


Helix IPTV 4k subscription offers a large choice of television channels broadcast over the Internet. watch your favorite bouquets on your TV without a satellite dish, no matter where you are on earth!


Helix IPTV offers a large choice of television channels broadcast over the Internet. watch your favorite bouquets on your TV without a satellite dish, no matter where you are on earth!

Over 11000 pay and normal TV channels. You can watch all your favorite Sports and Movies channel packages for one low price and exceptional quality (4K – FHD – HD – SD) as well as hundreds of Movies and Series.

Helix IPTV for MAG devices:

Please add the Helix IPTV portal to your device, and provide us with your mac address when you order

Helix IPTV for Smart TVs: LG, Samsung, TCL, Sony

Please use the smart iptv application and provide us with your mac address when ordering


IPTV service: what is it?

This service allows you to watch TV channels on the Internet. There is no need for satellite or cable for this, but only a broadband ADSL, fiber or 4G connection. You can use this service on all your connected devices. From your smartphone to your Samsung or LG smart TV via your tablet, you can have access to a multitude of channels if you have the right equipment. In addition, the service is not geolocated, meaning that reception is possible anywhere in the world.

Many online platforms offer this type of service. However, the offers are not similar. Do not hesitate to compare them before making a choice. With most providers, you can choose your subscription and benefit from all the advantages associated with it. Of course, the more options the subscription includes, the more you will pay.


Why should you use an IPTV VPN?

What is VPN, how does it work? To make it super simple:

When you connect to the internet with your PC, your mobile, or even your android box, you get a unique address in order to be identified on the internet. Your supplier provides it to you automatically and mandatory to be connected to the rest of the web. This same provider then keeps the record of all connections and everything that happens in your home … This address therefore allows you to geolocate and obtain all your personal information. It is thanks to this address that Hadopi knows who is downloading what, for example. This is called the IP address. Thanks to a VPN, instead of going to request an IP address from your ISP, your device will connect to another server and thus obtain an anonymous IP address. No more fingerprints left everywhere on the internet! It is for this reason that hackers very quickly (very very quickly even) saw interest in this system.

There you say to yourself: it sounds like a headache this thing, I do not see how I will manage to configure all this! No worries, user side, just press a button for it to work ^^. I will explain all of this to you below.

What is a VPN used for?

The value of the VPN is not just limited to hiding you from repressive institutions. This also allows you to give you a fictitious geolocation. To do what? Say you have a Netflix subscription. You live in France and watch your US series. So far, all is well. But you come to the end of the season of your favorite series… arggg how to manage to wait 6 months to see the continuation? Ben No need! The rest of your series is probably already on Netflix US or Canada in VOSTFR or even direct in FR (Quebec version ..). Start your VPN, choose to pretend you live in the US, and log back into your Netflix account (yes the same account!). And presto, you have the complete catalog of Netflix USA with your account. Isn’t life beautiful? The same is true for Disney Plus VPN will allow you to have the latest Marvel and Star Wars series before they are released in the French catalog. Cherry on the cake, the voices are in real FR (not in Canadian)

There are many other advantages to using a VPN: respect for your privacy, merchant sites that increase the prices when you come back several times to see the same article, avoid geographic censorship, in short it’s all good , believe me. What is certain is that if you use your box for IPTV, you MUST take a VPN. Indeed, Internet providers are doing more and more throttling (restricting your connection to video streams). The VPN will make it possible to bypass this restriction.


There are dozens of providers, free, paid, good and bad … I’ll already be clear about free VPNs: try if you have time to spare, but don’t be fooled by the disastrous experience you have. go live. Their application is generally impractical but above all, your internet speed will drop explosively. If you’ve forgotten (or never experienced) 56k modems, this is your chance to remember the noise of the modem and the loading time of a single page… (I know I’m exaggerating…) They are free, and their services are up to their prices: ZERO. Since they also have to earn money to live, they will resell your personal data to the highest bidders! A report by American researchers even shows that 82% of free VPNs did not encrypt any information (source Lejournaldugeek).

There are a few good Free VPNs out there, but they are limited in the amount of downloadable data (often between 500MB and 1GB per month). Which makes them unusable for IPTV …