GluedTV IPTV Subscription is an IPTV subscription with a duration of 12 months, reliable and stable, this IPTV is equipped with more than 10,000 channels (French, Arab, American …) and also a large library of films and series in VOD (VF , VO, VO with French subtitles). Watch YOUR FAVORITE CHANNELS WITH STABLE SERVER AND NO CUTTINGS.

The GluedTV IPTV Subscription works on Smart TV, Android Box, PC, MAC and telephone (Android / iPhone) in SD, HD, Full HD and 4K).

The commissioning of IPTV is very easy and our technical service will always be at your disposal for any questions or necessary information.

When activating your GluedTV IPTV subscription you will receive all the instructions you will need depending on the device or devices you want to use, activation takes place instantly and quickly after confirmation of payment.

GluedTV features:

  • 10,000 television channels
  • Latest movies and series on demand
  • Technical support 7/7
  • Compatible with many devices
  • 24/24 SUPPORT
  • HD / SD / 4K QUALITY

How it works ?

With easy setup, you’ll be able to watch your favorite TV channels in seconds!

  • Sign up: Start by registering your account with us in order to get instant access to our IPTV system
  • Setup: Configure or download the right app for your device on our site or in your App Store.
  • Watch: Log in with your credentials in your app and start watching thousands of quality TV channels and videos

Why Buy GluedTV IPTV Subscription?


GluedTV a high quality Smart IPTV subscription provider with several years of experience, we have a playlist of over 15,000 full HD and SD & VOD channels of up-to-date movies and series, GluedTV’s servers are efficient and stable which will ensure you a better quality when viewing channels & VOD in HD without interruption, the GluedTV subscription is compatible with Samsung, LG, Sony Smart TVs and all Android TVs thanks to the Smart IPTV application, activation is entirely remote without your intervention or technical knowledge, Our IPTV service is also compatible with Android TV boxes, MAG, PC (VLC, KODI), Android smartphone and tablet, iphone, Apple TV, Ipad.


We all know that feeling when the image starts to cut, so let’s end this problem.

Freezing porblem: You have the fiber and even that you encounter buffering freeezing problem during big matches and your favorite shows?

Stop buying cheap subscriptions: So we said it, stop buying cheap subscriptions to save a lot of money.

Support that does not answer you: A support that never responds to your mail, your messages, why do they have several people using this cheap server, how they will give you time.

A high-end subscription with all the features: WHAT YOU WAIT What Book Your VIP Seat and Live A Premium Experience!

Free Updates: New VOD channels, movies and episodes are added all the time, at no additional cost.

Stable Servers: We are the best IPTV service providers that hardly freeze in the server (95%). We got stable IPTV streams.

Compatible: Our Service is compatible with a multitude of devices and operating systems.

Assistance: Technical and commercial support ready to answer your questions & 24/7 by Email, phone, whatsapp …

+45,000 CHANNELS + VOD, 4K / HEVC / SD / HD / FULL HD, Repaly 5 days (+700 channels). UNLIMITED FILMS AND SERIES. Compatible with all devices.  AUTO & AntiFreeze encryption. ADULT CHANNELS (on request)
Free Update, 24/7 support (email + WhatsApp).


I have an Android Box, how can I benefit from your IPTV subscription?

There are several applications compatible with our IPTV subscription, with any order we will provide an m3u file link which can be read with almost all iptv applications that exist on Android, the most famous are: Smart iptv, Kodi, Ssiptv, VLC, MX player, Perfect player iptv, Gse Smart iptv…


Will it work where I live?

Absolutely, our service only requires an internet connection to function, no matter where you are on earth.


Does your iptv subscription work with LG and Smasung Smart TVs?

Yes, our subscription is compatible with Smasung and LG SMart TVs and all other Smart TVs that work on Android, you just need to install and activate the Smart iptv application


Can I watch IPTV on My Android SmartPhone?

Yes, our IPTV is compatible with any android device through our android app. You just have to install it and provide the serial number that will be displayed so that we can activate your accesses.


I have the Kodi app, how do I get my m3u file to work on it?

To read the m3u file of your iptv subscription on Kodi, you must install an Addon under the name of PVR iptv simple client.


Can I share my access with my friend / sister / mother etc?

When the system detects the sharing (watch simultaneously), your account will be banned without notice for up to 24 hours (to allow you to change the password) and the next time forever.


I have a lot of freezes and jerks and my application is crashing, what should I do?

If you have an LG Smart TV:

– Remember to update your TV’s WebOs system.

In the settings of the Smart iptv “Settings” application, change the “Stream player type” parameter and change it to “nc auto” and restart the TV.

If the Smart IPTV app crashes and you notice repeated blackouts, please turn off the TV and unplug the cable from the power (electricity) for about 30 seconds and then launch the app again (don’t worry because your playlist won’t will not be erased, it will just clear your TV’s cache memory and reset the application to make it work again.

Samsung Smart TV:

Do you have cuts, latencies, very slow channel loading, slow response when you switch or try to return to groups or zap between channels?

In this case, try to delete the cache memory of your TV, the TV does not have as much memory as an Android box.

If you have another version of Samsung, unplug the cable from the power supply of the TV for at least 30 seconds to do a Hard Reset and to clear the temporary cache of the TV and remember to restart your router or Internet box too .

Also change the Buffer time option to “0” or “auto” from the settings of the Smart iptv application. so you don’t use memory.

For best results, use the Ethernet cable instead of Wifi to connect your TV to the internet.
Flow rate problem:

Perform a test on the website: check the speed it gives you (please use this site not another as speedtest..etc)

If the result is less than 4Mbps: the stream will not pass and you will have cuts on almost all channels
The recommended bit rate for HD: 8Mbps or more.
The recommended bit rate for FullHD: 12Mbps or more.

Application cache memory problem or insufficient RAM memory:

Sometimes the cause of bugs and jerks could be insufficient RAM memory or a problem with the application’s cache memory, the most recommended is to have an Android BOX with 2GB or more of RAM.

In case of cache memory problems (Buffering on all channels, black screen) try to unplug the power cable (electric) from your TV or box and wait for 20 or 30 seconds and then reconnect it again. will clear the application’s cache memory and might fix this problem.


I have a lot of freezes and jerks and my application is crashing, what should I do? Why are some channels not working properly or I have no sound?

In some cases please check the media formats and codecs supported by Android. If your stream does not work directly in the application, it means that it is not supported by native Android codecs, so you will have to use an external application (For example: VLC player or MX player)
Important! You must install one of the media players available in Google Play to play videos in your playlist.
Some examples are VLC, MX Player etc. These media players automatically install codecs that allow you to play certain video and audio formats that are not supported by the native Android system.


IPTV: how does internet TV work?

We hear more and more that IPTV is the future of television. It must be said that with the advent of the Internet and Netflix, TV was already in decline. This new process, which consists of accessing all TV programs via an internet connection or 4G coverage, is therefore timely to revolutionize habits a little. But, before thinking of investing your income in such a project, it is necessary to know how it works. In this article, we answer all your questions about this system.