Gen2 TV IPTV The best IPTV service subscription provider, Gen2 allows you to access all the channels you want to watch, sports events, PPV, VoD movies and TV shows. All US, Canadian, UK, and international, channels are available on our IPTV subscriptions. (Cinema, Sports, Discovery, Youth), RECEIVE YOUR ACCESS BY EMAIL IN A FEW MINUTES. If you don’t know how it works, we have a section with guides that explain how to install your IPTV.

Gen2 TV IPTV: The best service to watch all major sport events:


Don’t miss a match and sports games:

Are you a fan of soccer, basketball, football, or another sport? We have all sports channels in our Gen2 TV. Do not miss a match and attend your matches in the best conditions, on our high-end high-performance servers

The latest movies and tv shows:

Do you like to spend your time in front of movies and series? We have all the cinema channels then we have a section dedicated to streaming where you will find your pleasure several thousand films and series are at your disposal.

Kids programs:

You will have enough to occupy them for centuries! All children’s programs are available, no channel is missing and in the streaming section there are ALL movies and cartoons as well as all children’s channels.


Gen2 TV best features:


Gen2 TV Premium IPTV Subscription IPTV is one of the best known and most popular IPTV subscriptions on the Internet. Created a few years ago, it is made famous by the large number of channels offered as well as its excellent picture and sound quality. The flows are very clear and show all the details.

Besides having access to a wide variety of TV channels, you will also be able to watch many box office movies and famous TV series as Video on Demand (VOD). The huge video on demand (VOD) library is updated from time to time to stay up to date with the new hits of the world. There is also an amazing function that allows you to change the language when multiple languages ​​are available.

Like all premium services, you can use Gen2 TV IPTV on your mobile (iPhone or Android), on your laptop (mac os or windows), or on your smart tv… It’s really a great subscription that ensures stability . That’s why we recommend it to all of our customers.

IPTV or IP television refers to the broadcasting of TV programs carried out over the Internet Protocol (IP). These are mainly television programs broadcast through Internet boxes, catch-up TV and on-demand TV (VoD or Video on Demand).


  • LARGE CHOICE of Live TV and VOD Library: Gen2 TV offers over + 9700 Channels + 50K VOD with several languages.
  • 100% secure payment: With the PayPal payment system, pay securely either with your PayPal account or with your credit card.
  • Stability: Our servers are stable and fast. We guarantee you a seamless viewing.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Our subscription is compatible with all connected devices and IPTV applications.




  • I have a connected TV and I don’t have a TV box does it work?
    Yes, it is possible to install the subscription on your TV without the need for a box. using iptv applications (Duplexplay – Set IPtv – Smart Iptv – SS iptv – Net iptv – Smart Stb- Smarters player ..ect)
  • Can I install my subscription on more than one device?
    Yes . but you cannot watch on more than one device simultaneously.
  • Can I use the subscription with vpn?
    Yes our subscription works with vpn and without vpn.
  • I’m bad at IT. Can you help me with the installation?
    Yes . Of course Our customer service will take care of the installation in case you are unable to do what is necessary.
  • Where can I contact you if I have a problem ??
    You have the possibility to contact us by message on whatsapp or by mail. (you will have our whatsapp number and our e-mail address after placing your order)

How it works ?

The steps to order your IPTV subscription

It’s very simple, you choose the IPTV subscription that suits you, choose the device,

our IPTVs are compatible with all devices (Smart TV | Android TV, boxes, Smartphones, Tablets | IOS | MAG | PC)

then order.


Once your choices have been made and your order has been placed, you will receive an email of this type.

(Check your spam if you don’t see it in your inbox)


In the email you have, the XTREAM API codes to use your IPTV subscription on an Android, IOS or PC device,

as well as the M3U LINK for Smart TVs. (For MAGs you will have the portal URL)


If you don’t know how to configure your IPTV subscription,

the email contains links that point to the installation tutorial for Android, Smart TV and IOS.


Once your XTREAM API credentials or the M3U LINK or the PORTAL link entered in the application,

you just have to take advantage of your IPTV subscription.


IPTV Definition:

IPTV, internet protocol television, is the means of receiving television not by satellite, nor by standard rake TV antennas which, for the little anecdote, work by capturing the waves emitted by relay antennas like the Eiffel Tower in Paris for example. But IPTV receives TV data from the internet.

This technology has become democratized since the advent of internet TV boxes, before IPTV was mostly considered illegal, now IPTV finds its application in the legal world as illegal.

Legal IPTV

Legal IPTV works through subscription offers such as, canal plus or TV boxes provided by services such as SFR, Free, Bouygues, etc.

Other applications exist and can be legally installed on smart TVs or Android boxes, for example, allowing you to enjoy DTT channels in their free version, all with only an internet connection. One thinks of the market leader in this area, the

GEN 2 TV application.

GEN 2 TV in its free version will allow you to watch the tnt channels with a little delay, to enjoy the replay and some TV movies on VOD. Its paid version will allow you to enjoy more channels (around fifty) and have a greater choice of movies on demand.

GEN 2 IPTV Subscription:

All sports competitions France, Spain, Italian, English, German…
+1500 Channels
Latest updated VODs (Movies, Series, Manga)
Full HD / HD / SD quality
Compatible with many devices
Powerful IPTV Server
Powerful Streaming Server
24/7 Technical Assistance and Support

Compatible with applications: GEN 2 PRO, IPTV Smarters, IPTV Smarters Pro, Smart IPTV, Set IPTV, Duplexplay, Xtream IPTV Player, XCIPTV, IPTV application, GSE IPTV, MyTv online, …