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The Reason To Buy Expedite TV Subscription?

If you are worried about the bills for pay satellite channels (encrypted) which can be too expensive and unbearable to pay monthly fees.

Why you have to pay the fee for each bundle to be able to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online.

With Expedite TV by your side you have the power to watch all the French and international channels and your favorite movies online, IPTV has become much easier to install, because we have a solid and experienced team and our IPTV subscription is affordable. .

All you need to do is choose the length of your IPTV subscription and follow our instructions to install it either on your smartphone or on your Android Box.

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We have the best IPTV service with a Premium Server without cuts and a Premium IPTV Subscription

What You will find on our IPTV Subscriptions a wide choice of French and international channels. And many more channels with a Smart IPTV Premium which is compatible with your Samsung Smart TV, or LG smart TV, Android Box IPTV, our IPTV service offers the best TV channels in streaming and which is accessible everywhere on your TV and IP smartphone TV. Our IPTV program is Compatible with all devices, only contact your device with WIFI or even by 4G and start watching your favorite bouquets.

Expedite TV An IPTV subscriptions with more than 9000 channels and vods:

The Expedite TV team, has several years of experience in the field of IPTV which qualifies us to be the large provider of high quality Smart IPTV subscription, we have a playlist of more than 28,000 channels in FHD and HD and SD & VODS of movies and series up to date. If you buy an IPTV subscription from us, we offer you all the Channels: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Arab, UK, Latino, Tuquie, USA, Canada, Africa, India… La The list of our Channels does not stop growing, we regularly add channels. A Collection of Diverse Programs for You! Cinema, entertainment, music, news, sports and children’s shows. Our IPTV subscription is compatible with Samasung, LG, Sony Smart TVs and all Android TVs thanks to the Smart IPTV or IPTV smarters application.

Most stable and reliable IPTV servers: no buffering no cuts

When purchasing our best IPTV subscription, we can provide you with an m3u file, or if you have the Smart IPTV application we can support activation of reliable Smart IPTV subscription remotely without your intervention or technical knowledge, or else if you prefer the IPTV Smarters application which work with username and password when will provide you when purchasing our IPTV server.

we also support the remote activation of Mag Iptv Subscription we will send you only the Iptv Mag portal, our Premium IPTV servers have a playlist of more than 28,000 channels in FHD, UHD and SD & VODS in Full HD and 4k and 3D (latest movies and series up to date), the performance of our IPTV servers is a priority for us, we assure you a reception of the channels in very high fluidity with an exceptional quality of image and without cut, which will assure you a better IPTV experience while watching your favorite matches and event.


For many years, television was the primary source of entertainment in the world. Since its invention, new display technologies and television channels have continuously improved the user experience. In the 21st century, technologies such as the Internet and smartphones have revolutionized all of civilization. Television has also been affected by the advent of the Internet.

Standard methods of broadcasting television programs such as cable and satellite are now being replaced by broadband Internet and Internet streaming services. The IPTV player has a major role to play in this transition phase. Typically, customers don’t want to own the content, they just want to access it. And this is where IPTV comes in. Check out our full article to learn all about IPTV.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, and this service broadcasts television programs and videos (live or on demand) to users over the Internet. Using Internet Protocol technology, IPTV will provide digital TV service to subscribers. IPTV player is slightly different from digital video that millions of people are currently accessing on networks like Netflix and YouTube.

Unlike standard cable and satellite connection service, multiple TVs can use a single IPTV subscription. IPTV uses a band network over Internet Protocol to transmit the TV channels to the set-top box. It also allows users to select the program they want to watch when and where they want.

Internet networks differ from satellite and cable networks in offering content through the same client-server model that is used for email, websites and other services on the Internet. Internet Protocol is the language used to transfer data packets between computers connected to the Internet network. Unlike cable and satellite services, IPTV has the ability to record programming on servers on the transmitting side, which allows users to access Internet content anytime and anywhere, over wireless networks. platforms like Android, Windows, Smart TV, iOS, Apple TV, Mac and more.

Is the use of IPTV legal?

No one can deny that the way we use television today is very different than it was 15 or 20 years ago. The technology is improving day by day, so more and more people are looking for cheaper alternatives and many companies are selling IPTV subscriptions. IPTV can be a lot of things and there are some legal IPTV services available in the market today. For example, Hulu, Netflix, VUDU and other similar streaming services are perfectly legal as alternatives to traditional cable and satellite services.

Is IPTV free?

No, IPTV (Inter Protocol TV) is not a free service, but some providers offer IPTV tests to try out their IPTV services. You must have an M3U link for the subscription to view live TV channels in HD quality. Some free M3U files are available on the internet, but give you less TV channels and poor quality. To watch quality content on IPTV, you need to have a good M3U provider or IPTV service subscription.

Types of IPTV services

Besides the transmission of conventional TV channels, IPTV also provides other services such as:

Video on demand (VoD)
Near video on demand (NVoD)
Deferred broadcasting
TV on demand
Live TV

Video on demand (VoD)

IPTV allows users to watch any video (movies, TV series, etc.) from IPTV’s VoD media library.

Quasi-video on demand

Near Video on Demand is a video on demand service designed for multiple users who subscribe to the NVoD service.

Deferred broadcasting

It allows subscribers to watch a live broadcast later. Users can view, rewind and resume the video at their convenience.

TV on demand

With this feature, you can record the selected TV channels and watch them anytime.