OpplexTV IPTV service that hosts 15,000+ live channels in various categories. includes international channel categories, sports, PPV, entertainment, news and others. This package comes with one connection, but you can get more during registration if you prefer. TV CHANNELS, MOVIES AND SERIES, THE MOST STABLE AND CHEAPEST IPTV IN USA and Canada. Free trials available, If you want to test the list at sporting events, you must purchase the 7-day plan.

Technical support, We do not support the reproduction of the file, the user must know how to use it.

OpplexTV IPTV Features

OpplexTV IPTV offers a quality without cuts, without freezes, we are pioneers in each list, leaving a guaranteed bandwidth for your IPTV list and ensuring that the server of your line is never saturated

Immediate Activation, Receive your IPTV list at the time of purchase. Enjoy +15000 channels at the moment with a click in addition to enjoying 24-hour support via ticket.


Free 2 Hours trial:

If your request is made within 2 hours or during a sporting event (R.Madrid matches…ect) you will not receive your free test.
Remember that on the days of the Champions League, free TESTs will not be sent during the broadcast of the match and hours before it begins.
+14,900 Channels in Total
Video club on demand
Full HD, HD & SD quality
1 IP connection
Remember THE TESTS ARE NOT SENT IN LIVE EVENTS OF FOOTBALL, motor sport and similar.

How IPTV works:

IPTV means ”Internet Protocol Television”, and basically it is a television that reaches the user not through an antenna, but through the Internet using an IP address. IPTV was supposed to be the revolution of television as we knew it, a television that would reach the user with higher quality wherever he was, since he would only need broadband (fixed or data) and to be able to play the content at the highest quality. However, time has passed over technology, and due to the necessary infrastructure, the main television services have been moving to OTT.


Currently, OpplexTV remains as a legal IPTV service, and this is something important to specify. And it is that, if IPTV is legal, the main use that is given to it is illegal, to illegally reproduce unsigned content. We are not going to go into that, but we are going to explain what IPTV is, what its advantages and disadvantages are, and the danger of watching free television on IPTV.

OpplexTV IPTV: Advantages and disadvantages

IPTV is not like that, since it reserves a percentage of our contracted bandwidth to provide service. This means that if, for example, we have 100 Mb contracted, IPTV will eat up 30%, to say an amount, of said band. We can only continue to use the remaining 70%.

It may not bother some or be an inconvenience, but it is for other users. Now, why is this so? The reason is that it is an independent Internet connection that works as long as we have the router and the TV box turned on (again, like Movistar), and the main advantage is that the quality will always be maximum.


In other words, IPTV creates a private connection between the user (the IP) and the operator, which, thanks to its private servers, can provide service. And, as you can guess, this means that, even if we have many devices connected to the same network, the IPTV TV channels are seen at the highest quality.

However, not all are advantages with IPTV. The main drawback of IPTV is the mentioned bandwidth that it eats up, and also that it needs infrastructure and maintenance. The operator gives you the line, the router and the decoder, while in an OTT service, Over the top, that is not needed. For this reason, Netflix works on any device without having to contract any service from the operator that we have.

Is the use of Opplex TV legal?

We have already seen what IPTV is and how it works, and now we will tell you how you should not use it. Although there are many lists of open television channels that we can watch through IPTV, the main use that many users make is not that, but rather they have systems to watch free pay TV channels using IPTV.


This seems like a good idea, but in reality the IPTV channel lists are a field of Trojans and other malware that infect your PC and, in addition, there are paid IPTV lists that seem to offer some security, but that tomorrow they may disappear without leave a trace and, furthermore, without any responsibility with the user who has paid.

So now you know what IPTV is, how it works, its difference from OTT and why you shouldn’t use this way of watching TV channels if you want to comply with the law, to begin with, and keep your computer clean of viruses.