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We offer our customers more Live TV channels than any of our competitors.

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We offer twice as much film than Netflix at a much lower cost.

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We have more than +50 servers worldwide for the best quality.

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With our IPTV packages you can watch unlimited TV wherever and whenever you want. We have more than 10,000 channels, movies and series in different languages.​
What do you need?

All you need is a Smart TV or a media box and internet. You can then order a prepaid package from us from 1 to 12 months. You can watch television within 5 minutes of ordering!
24/7 Live Support

Our customer service is available 24/7 to help with the right TV package and to help you if necessary. help to set it up. If you have a question, you can of course always ask it


Buying IPTV is a good choice and very easy. Buying and activating can all be done remotely in just a few minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Romania or India.

We have almost all European channels, films and series. You can watch these channels indefinitely (depending on the package) after the selected TV package has been activated.

Why buy IPTV from dragoniptv.nl?
We are proud to offer you a stable IPTV system. We have been active in sales for over 3 years and we use a very stable system. With us you will find a wide range in different channels from different countries. We also have an extensive VOD system with films & series that are updated every week.

We offer thousands of TV channels such as Dutch, Belgian, German, Turkish, Syrian, Kurdish, Arab and almost all countries around the world! See channel list which channels are included, all these channels can of course also be tested for free.


We give you a guarantee for the duration of your TV package. So up to 1 year warranty!

24 hours free testing
Before you buy a prepaid subscription, you can test it for 24 hours and rate our service.

Activate in 2 min.
Activation only takes 2 minutes. After the package is activated you can watch TV immediately.


Why at Dragoniptv?

Delivered Ready & Ready
Support 24/7
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All channels
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We have the best iptv box with subscription for you! With our iptv box you can enjoy all the top channels from all over the world!

Have you always wanted to enjoy an iptv box sports package, with countless sports channels from all over the world? Including all Dutch sports channels? Then we have exactly what you are looking for! We offer 1 complete package, so this includes all packages, such as all channels, films and series!


When looking for a new TV subscription, you will come across quite a few options. From watching TV via satellite to watching TV via the internet or even anywhere on the go via a TV App. The IPTV option is also often used. What is IPTV? And is an IPTV subscription illegal? We explain what it is and what the benefits are.
What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TeleVision. Where with normal TV viewing you receive the signal via a coax cable, with IPTV you watch television via the internet. You receive all the TV channels you are used to via a super-fast ADSL or fiber optic connection.
What is the difference between IPTV and watching TV over the internet?

The difference between IPTV and watching TV via the internet is that you don’t watch TV via your computer or telephone, but simply at home via your television. IPTV is a new form of watching TV, in which you have a box – just like via cable – that converts the internet signal into a TV signal. Because Canal Digitaal delivers IPTV via a super-fast fiber optic connection, this is possible in high quality. You can also watch TV via the internet at Canal Digitaal via our web portal, TV App and Smart TV solution.
What is the biggest advantage of IPTV at Canal Digitaal?

In addition to always watching your favorite programs in the best quality, IPTV has even more useful advantages. You decide what and when you watch, thanks to functions such as pause, record and review. Below we list the interactive services of IPTV at Canal Digitaal: – Watch for free on two screens simultaneously with the Canal Digitaal TV App – Record up to 100 hours in the cloud and watch it back on all your devices* – Pause, missed start , TV missed (up to 7 days ago)* – Watch hundreds of movies & series on demand – Watch where and when you want with the free TV App *View our channel overview to see which channels you can use these interactive services.
How does IPTV work?

Just like with a cable or satellite subscription, an IPTV provider sends a TV signal to its subscribers. With IPTV this is delivered over the internet. Your provider provides an HD receiver that deciphers the signal and translates it into razor-sharp images and pure sound on your television.
What do I need for IPTV?

Is IPTV for you? Order IPTV from Canal Digitaal via one of our resellers and you will automatically receive all the necessary IPTV, namely: – An ADSL or fiber optic modem, for example in your meter cupboard – A suitable HD receiver – An Ethernet cable
What internet speed do I need for IPTV?

The quality of IPTV strongly depends on your internet speed. At Canal Digitaal you always watch your favorite programs in the highest quality. Canal Digitaal’s suppliers keep part of their network available for the TV signal. If the entire street uses Netflix, downloads or plays online games, you will still experience the best image quality. Do the postcode check and immediately discover what is available at your address.